And 1 Mixtape Volume 1

The first streetball mixtape from And 1 that came out in the summer of 1999. It is the birth of amazing dunks, mad handles, no look dishes, and total embarassment, taking streetball to the next level. Rafer "Skip To My Lou" Alston plays the dominating role in the tape and thus solidifies his position as a streetball legend. Sound tracks include "The Anthem Instrumental" by Swazy and King Touch, "One Nine Nine Nine" by Common and Sadat X, "Breaker Breaker" by Gza/Genius, "B-Boy Document" by Mos Def, Mad Skills and High & Mighty, "Handle Your Time" by Prince Paul, Sadat X and Xzibit and "It's Not A Game" by Dyme. Most of the tape takes place in Rucker Park, New York. Skip To My Lou and ballers from the tape introduce moves that will later evolve to moves such as : "Jackknife," the "Swing Behind The Back"(no official name), "Slow-mo Cross" and "Off The Wall." The tape is about 20 min. long and used to come with the purchase of And 1 shoe wares. The clarity of the tape cannot be compare to the recent volume 4 and 5. It is the beginning the streetball.

The tape was filmed by the high school coach of Rafer Alston in a crappy home video quality. Most of the tape took place in Rucker Park with Skip rocking the court at the age of 16. Didn't know what to do with this amazing tape, the coach send it to And 1. And 1 quickly send this tape to places and got feedbacks asking for vol.2. They quickly signed Skip and started the mixtape business.