Basketball Tutorial Lesson 2


10 Basics :

Play unselfish team basketball.

Always pass to the open man.

Don't force passes.

Make the extra pass.

Pass away from the defense.

Attack the basket to pass, not shoot. We want to use the dribble to create draw-and-kick and kick out situations.

Use two hands to pass the basketball.

Don't jump to pass the ball.

Pass and move; don't stand still.

After passing the ball into the low post, cut to the basket looking for a return pass.


9 Rules from BasketballPro


Keys to effectiveness: Throwing both the chest pass and the bounce pass are underrated elements of a player's ability to be a fundamentally sound player. This drill will help you develop these skills; it is also an excellent way to warm-up during an individual workout.

How to do the drill: Stand about fifteen feet from a wall. Step forward with your right foot, snapping your wrists as you throw a chest pass at the wall. Repeat this, only step with your left foot the next time. It is important to be able to step with either foot when throwing a pass. If done correctly, the pass should hit the wall at a height roughly equivalent to the height of your chest. Do this fifty times.

Then proceed to throw fifty bounce passes. If thrown correctly, the ball should hit the floor 2/3 of the way between you and the person that you are throwing it to, in this case, the wall. The same fundamentals apply when throwing a bounce pass as with throwing a chest pass: snap your wrists, step into your pass, and keep your eyes focuses on where you are throwing the ball.