1. Dribble a little

2. When you have the ball on your left hand, toss it out in front or side of the D where they can almost reach it.

3. Run in place like your going left.

3. Bring the ball back with lightning speed with your right hand.

4. It creates space if done correctly, it might even make the D fall.

Watch HotSauce doing the Shamgod

Original Shamgod(courtesy of Pure Streetball)

I hear untold people asking what "The Shamgod" I've put this clip on the site so you can see it as performed by its originator.
God Shamgod played for the Providence Friars...and in 1997 he led them to deep into the NCAA tourney after upsetting Duke in the 2nd round.
This move is taken from that game.
Watch how he throws the ball out in front of him as if he's about to explode forward and drive to the basket. Then, as his defender buys it, he drags the ball back across his body and changes direction - leaving the guy guarding him about seven feet in the wrong direction!
A nice move when perfected (but it's tricky) - it's not as well known as the Iverson crossover, so you can often get people with it.

Watch how badly his man gets shook! They don't call him God for nothing.

Clip 1 | Clip 2 from the original SHAMGOD