Streetball Glossary


The Rock - Basketball Note : Also known as the pill

Brick - Ugly shot that ricochets off the backboard

And1 - Say after u make a shot and got fouled.

Butter - Smooth move

Cash - Great shot Note: Also Known as Money and Water

Dish - Fancy pass

Facial - Making a shot with a defender's hand in your face

Getting ripped - Getting the ball stolen

Getting rubbed - Getting your shot pinned against the backboard

Handle - Dribbling ability

Hops - Tremendous jumping ability Note: Also known as Ups

Shake - Fancy dribble and crossover a defender

Taking it to the hole - Driving hard to the basket Note: Also known as Taking it to the rack

Throwing it down - Dunking with tremendous force

Abuse - To badly beat someone. Embarrass them severly.

Alley-oop - To throw the ball into the air and have a team-mate dunk it into the

Force - To take an ill-advised shot (i.e. low-percentage shot)

Scrub - Someone with no game. Poor player.